Sustainable consumption and production

Easydist’s determinant work not to waste the earth’s resources has since the start in 2014 been a beacon in how we work with our products.
By using bulk packaging instead of traditional blister alternatives, Easydist has, during the period between 2014-2019 saved the environment the unnecessary production of over 100 tons of product packaging. Our bulk packages are made of PLA which is a more environmentally friendly plastic option.
In addition to reduce the consumption of unnecessary packaging, bulk package has another amazing feature. By using bulk packaging, we can save over 80% of the volume when we transport our products.
This allows us to send more products in smaller packages, which in return reduces the emissions. At the same time a “retail glass screen protector supplier” sends one single glass screen protector in blister, we can send 10pcs, using the same amount of space in the shipment.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something

Easydist works proactively with innovative solutions in terms of packaging, development of material for production, and strives to improve the quality and function of the products. This to reduce overconsumption while increasing the life of the products.
Easydist, through its brand Tolerate, was the first brand in the Nordics to present a 100% organic and biodegradable mobile case – Tolerate ECO Case.
Follow us in our pursuit to leave a sustainable and socially responsible legacy that clearly guides the industry and the world we live in.
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