Expect the unexpected

Since the start in Gothenburg in 2012, we at Easydist have simplified and created added value to both partners and end users. Through our working methods and our products, we position ourselves as one of the most successful companies in the telecom industry.
With our proactive work on bulk packaging, we at Easydist have saved the environment both manufacturing and handling over 50 tons of packaging and product packaging. In 2018, Easydist sold over half a million accessories only on the Swedish market.
Easydist owns and develops the Tolerate brand.
We at Easydist love new and exciting challenges and work towards a broad customer segment with both standard and customer unique products.
Easydist also provides production with other materials and surface treatments depending on the products’ uses.
Being one of the parties in developing brand new accessories and solutions, together with customers’ customers, strengthens Easydist’s position as the leading accessory manufacturer.

Tolerate Accessories

For us at Easydist, quality is a key word that embraces everyone in our organization and who permeates everything we do.
Since the start in 2012, we at Easydist have manufactured, designed, produced and marketed quality accessories in mobility for the B2B market.
With us there is a tailor-made range of mobile accessories in carefully selected materials in timeless design.
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