Expect the unexpected

Since the start in 2014, we have strived to write telecom history every day. With a background from operators, suppliers, distributors and retailers, we have an incredibly broad competence in the telecom industry.
Our wholehearted and clear pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction at all stages has strongly contributed to the positive development of Easydist. Our indefatigable CSR commitment is not only building a strong team-spirit, but also loyalty with our partners and customers. Easydist will always be a partner to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund.
Easydist’s strong environmental commitment means that we always challenge ourselves not to waste the earth’s resources unnecessarily. During the period between 2014-2019 we have enabled us to save the environment the unnecessary production of over 100 tons of packaging materials by using bulk packaging. Read more under the tab “Sustainability”
We challenge ourselves, with new technology and new methods, to secure the quality our “way of working”. This to ensure accurate, safe, efficient and flexible handling of our products. Easydist – Makes distribution easy!

The fastest growing brand in the Nordics

Easydist owns and develops Tolerate, which was the first brand in the Nordic region to launch a 100% biodegradable mobile case.
With over 600,000 accessories sold in 2019, Tolerate is one of the fastest growing brands in the Nordics.
Easydist’s long-term goal is to leave behind a sustainable and socially responsible legacy that clearly guides the industry and world we live in.

Tolerate Accessories

Our products are developed and designed in Sweden, from a team with over 100 years of combined industry experience.
In cooperation with carefully selected factories, we can manufacture customized products of the highest quality to low MOQ.
Tolerate – The procurement specialist.
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